Doing taxes easier than healthy eating, says new study

May 27, 2012 by  

A recent Nashua study has shown that Americans believe that eating well is more difficult than filing taxes. This study was conducted by the International Food Information Council Foundation.

Today, more and more Americans are becoming overweight. As a result, 55% of people are trying to shed some pounds. This study has shown that some Americans have very specific challenges to overcome when it comes to changing their diet.

One of the reasons that Americans have difficulty eating well is that they do not know which foods are good for them. One point of view is that different experts, often with contradictory advice, could be confusing the public rather than educating them on healthy eating. As a result, dieters are unsure whose advice to follow.

On the positive side, the survey has shown that Americans are interested in changing their eating habits. This is positive change for both individuals and businesses. Companies that sell healthy foods may want to promote their goods and services. For example, a restaurant that uses organic fruits and vegetables can use this information in their advertizing. It is neither difficult nor expensive to use printing services to amend promotional material.

Companies who advertize that their products are healthy and have a low calorie count can expect to improve their sales. The best way to advertize this information is to add it onto brochures and flyers. If the text is not overbearing, it will not take away from the ambiance of the restaurant. These flyers can be handed out to locals and posted to residents.