Plenty to peruse as Worcester welcomes antiques event

May 14, 2013 by  

Among the biggest and most recognized collectibles, antiques, and art shows that take place each year, the Central Park Antiques Show gets underway for 2013 today.

This year’s show features over 150 exhibitor businesses and artisans from across the United States and Canada, and it will be no surprise if antique-lovers in the area find their attention grabbed by flyer and posting printing examples over the next few days

At this exhibition, vendors who are selling silver, Bakelite & Lucite, vintage jewelry, vintage lines, kitchenware, textiles and quilts, china, tea pots, cookie jars, art glass, and pottery, to name just a few of the trinkets on offer, will be on hand looking to attract the eyes of attendees.

The traders appearing at this venue are made up of professionals in their trade, collectors, dealers, and publishers. Although some products are not business related, some will enhance the décor of any business. This large exhibition was organized by The Central Park and will have food and beverages available for purchase on the grounds. Business owners will find a number of items that can be used for display in their waiting rooms or on their walls, making for curious attractions and topics of conversation.

Admission to this exhibition is free, and it will be happening from today, May 14, to Sunday, May 19 at the Brimfield Antique Mile Center located in Central Park in Worcester, Massachusetts. To learn more about this unique business trade show, please visit the Biz Trade Show’s website or call the Event Manager at 413-596-9257.