November to see photography exhibit in the Worcester frame

October 30, 2013 by  

The Winogrand’s Women are Beautiful exhibition features the photographic works of Garry Wingogrand, featuring spontaneous images that shed a different light on everyday matter like people, crowds, and dogs.

The exhibition explores how objects interact with the nature and landscapes that surround them. It features more than 85 photographs of relatively young adult woman, emphasizing their shapes in a documentary style not often used by other photographers. The pictures have been considered by others as a slam and an embrace that contradict each other, yet make an outstanding exhibition of women. Some of the photographs appear awkwardly composed, but the museum believes this documentary style and exhibition is worth viewing and enjoying by all people.

Admission is $14 per adult, $12 for students with ID and seniors, and free to children under the age of 17. Worcester Art Museum Members can attend this exhibition free of charge.

With a focus on unusual and striking photography, this exhibit is likely to be of particular interest to people working for print companies or design agencies in the area, who make turn to the styles showcased at the museum for inspiration on how to integrate these into their own work.

The Winogrand’s Women are Beautiful exhibition begins on November 7th at the Worcester Art Museum located at 55 Salisbury Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. To learn more about this exhibition, or the photographer himself, please visit the Worcester Art Museum website or call it during business hours.