Increase in summer fires causes concern for American Red Cross

August 23, 2012 by  

An increased number of summer fires in Worcester, Massachusetts have caused concern for the American Red Cross (ARC) of Central Mass Disaster Response Team. A press release states that since July 1, 21 fires have been attended to in Worcester. The ARC reports that 82 families have been affected by the fires, including 38 children and 134 adults.

The higher than usual incidence of summer fires represents an increase of 50%, which is causing a headache as the ARC considers how it will cope with the colder months. The Director of Communications for the ARC of Central MA, Dawn Leaks, pointed out that the large number of fires during summer is a rare occurrence, stretching its volunteers and budget to the limit, especially as it is approaching the start of the fire season in October, which typically lasts until after fall and winter.

The ARC has expressed concern as it usually has to cope with more fires during winter and the holiday season, further stretching resources. To help the organization to continue fighting fires, donations are required and the organization may consider the use poster printing services to promote the need for contributions from the public.

People in Massachusetts depend on the services of the Red Cross but, in order to be ready and able to offer support and help to the community, the organization depends on donations from other organizations, businesses, and people. The Red Cross is a voluntary organization which provides disaster assistance without any charge.