Glass-fans may lose their marbles over Friday night fun

February 27, 2014 by  

This weekend’s ‘Friday Night Fun in the Flame Shop’ provides guests with the opportunity to try their hand at flame-working with Boro-Silicate glass, and to have a go at creating glass marbles. Poster printing may have been the method chosen by this studio to promote this evening course.

For those who love the look of glass marbles, this unique course will provide them with the materials and instruction to be able to create their own. As part of this session, guests will learn about studio safety and etiquette and watch a short demonstration designed to show them how marbles are created.

Students are warned that they should not wear manmade fibers to this class, and bringing a bottle of water is advised. They will find out how to make the different patterns that appear inside the marble and no experience is necessary to attend the course. All the materials required are provided.

This cost is $60 per person and advanced registration is required. The course will be taking place on Friday, February 28, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the New Street Glass Studio Flameworking in the Worcester Center for Crafts located at 25 Sagamore Road in Worcester, Massachusetts. To learn more, please visit the Worcester Center for Crafts website or call 508-753-8183, Extension 3001.