Caribbean flavor comes to Worcester this weekend

August 24, 2013 by  

The Worcester Caribbean American Carnival is celebrating its first annual event this weekend, with signs pointing towards it being an exciting family event with a full line-up. With flyer printing no doubt underway to promote it, Worcester folk have a new festival to enjoy.

During this event, people of all ages will help celebrate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the aspects of Caribbean culture that have helped shape the area through the use of traditional and ancient African dances, parade, music and celebration. At this event, guests will view natural items put together to form impressive costumes and headpieces.

This year’s notable performers include Young Voice, Kirko Dan, Nnika Francis, Pretty Boy, and Ms. Diamond. The Parade of Bands will display the colorful culture and traditional dress associated with the Caribbean. During the carnival, people who might previously have been unaware of its impact will see how African dance and music has transformed the early American Carnival Celebrations by visiting the educational and information booths available at the carnival. This is an outdoor event, so guests are advised to dress appropriately and bring their camera, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Admission to this event is free to spectators, and it will be happening on Sunday, August 25, starting at 12:00 pm and running until 5:00 pm at the Institute Park located on the corner of Salisbury Street and Park Avenue in Worcester, Massachusetts. To view the event schedule, or learn more about this carnival, the carnival has its own website.