Massachusetts nonprofit hopes to spring up in Springfield

May 25, 2018 by  

Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a nonprofit food rescue organization that has been supporting social service agencies in Boston, has recently announced their plans to expand and provide their services in Springfield, Massachusetts as well.

The organization seeks to catalyze change by rescuing fresh foods that would normally be thrown out by business, such as foods that may not sell well because of imperfects or bunches of food that are wasted because one or more of the collection is broken, and providing the foods to other organizations such as homeless shelters and food pantries. Overall, the nonprofit manages to collect approximately 65,000lb of food per week.

In Springfield, the organization has already been in discussions with other major nonprofits such as the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and the Big Y, and is hoping to take advantage of the farming resources the city has in order to better provide their services around the state.

Lauren Palumbo, the Chief Operating Officer of Lovin’ Spoonfuls, said:

“We want to make sure folks in need in the region have access to the same amazing fruits and vegetables that consumers at farmers markets and farmstands have. Over time, as we’re able to build relationships and build more commitments from the community… we grow to meet the need of the community.”

To learn more about Lovin’ Spoonfuls, or to view resources such as food statistics and informational brochures for personal brochure printing, visit the website.