Rose Garden Coffeehouse celebrates quarter century

October 24, 2013 by  

The Rose Garden Coffeehouse, located in Mansfield near Seekonk, is celebrating its 25th anniversary celebrations and will be holding a special concert this weekend.

The entertainment will be provided by Steve Gillette and Cindy Magsen, the first people ever to perform at the venue. No doubt flyer and poster printing are being used to let the surrounding community become aware of the concert and join in all the festivities.

The Rose Garden Coffeehouse is located in the Congregational Church in Mansfield and, for the concert, there will be hot and cold refreshments and home-baked dessert items served by volunteers to enhance the classic coffeehouse atmosphere of the 1960s.

In addition, photographs taken over the years by Steve Ide, the resident Rose Garden photographer, will be on display in the gallery. Mac McLanahan, the artistic director for the Rose Garden, has also put together nearly 75 songs of the bluegrass, folk, and acoustic variety that have the word ‘rose’ in the title, and these will be played before each show and during intermission throughout the anniversary season.

Gillette and Mangsen were married in 1979, the year that the Rose Garden was founded, and have been recording, traveling, and performing together since then. Gillette has been writing songs since the 1960s and some of them have been on the repertoire of Linda Ronstadt, John Denver, and Tammy Wynette, to name a few.

The performance is scheduled for 7:30 pm this Saturday, October 26, and costs $16 to attend.