IT department at top of Nolan’s list

September 11, 2012 by  

Pam Nolan has only been the town administrator in Seekonk for just over a year but has set her sights as high as the office she holds.

One of her many goals is to improve the efficiency of town operations and the municipal experience for residents by setting up an information technology department. At present, Bruce Alexander, Seekonk’s director of finance, has been using his knowledge of computers and networking to perform the duties of an IT person, in addition to keeping the books balanced.

In a recent selectmen meeting in Seekonk, Nolan told the committee that an IT specialist would probably command an annual salary of $75,000.

Other items on Nolan’s ambitious wish list is a complaint line or some other system for residents to call or log onto to alert the town of trouble or to share their opinion on town proceedings. She would also like to collaborate with nearby municipalities to set up a veteran’s district and examine Seekonk’s current capital needs.

In addition to posting information on the town’s website, flyer printing could be undertaken and leaflets inserted into town utility bills to help taxpayers learn of all new initiatives in the works in Seekonk.

Noting that no area of town administration would be spared scrutiny, Nolan said:

“I’m establishing myself as the boss.”

Nolan also sits on the committee to find a replacement for school superintendent Madeline Meyer, who resigned her post late last spring. Describing the collaboration of her department with public school administrators, Nolan added:

“We’re working well together.”

Nolan is due for a review by town selectmen, although a date has yet to be determined.