Elder care facility opens new gardens for residents

August 30, 2013 by  

The management at Tockwotton on the Waterfront in East Providence, located outside of Seekonk and along the Seekonk River, recently installed four raised beds of gardens next to an outdoor patio so that about a dozen residents of the 156-bed elder-care community can tend to petunias, daisies, tomatoes, and other plants of their choice. Most likely the management is using brochure printers to add this as one of the attractions of the facility.

According to management, the residents are taking to the new activity. Lila Anne Bargoot is growing marigolds and tomatoes and several types of herbs, such as basil, oregano, mint, and dill, and she shares them with the chef of the facility who then uses them in the meals he prepares for the residents.

Elsie Buffum grows flowers primarily, concentrating on petunias, daisies, and salvia. She gardened when she had her own yard at her home in Barrington. She had plots about 20 feet by 20 feet in size and, although the ones at Tockwotton are smaller, she says they are doing very well.

Marshall Cheverie is also concentrating on flowers and has grown marigolds, sunflowers, tomatoes, and dahlias. He says he usually goes out either in the morning or later in the afternoon and likes the raised beds as the plants do not need to be tended by getting on one’s knees.

According to the director of marketing for Tockwotton, Nicole Sheusi, it was primarily the residents that came up with the idea for the raised beds.