Cable shows highlight town projects

January 27, 2012 by  

TV9, Seekonk’s cable access channel, offers a variety of programs to keep residents in touch with town programs and services.

Recently, Pamela Nolan, administrator for the town of Seekonk, wanted residents to know what town employees were up to, so a program called “Seekonk Works” was launched. This program highlights the daily activities of the various town departments. Nolan herself moderates the program, interviewing various departments and asking them to explain their work in the town.

Other such programming aired on cable include “Your Public Library, “YMCA Update”, “Adopt This Pet” and “Helping Hands”, a television program for the Seekonk Senior’s Center. Viewers may soon see a return of the “Police Beat” show, currently on hiatus. Town board meetings are also telecast for the benefit of residents. The cable channel informs Seekonk viewers of their program schedules via postcard printing and distribution in the town.

With the 200th anniversary of the founding of Seekonk, more programing and public service ads will be broadcast in conjunction with town council on TV9. The cable access station is not required by law and/or broadcast regulations to provide municipal government programming.

Program hosts are responsible for the actual content of each program, however, TV9 provides all the camera work, lighting and editing of each program. Most of the behind-the-scenes work is done by Jeff Fountain, executive director of TV9 and his team.

“We produce them as a public service for the town of Seekonk,” Fountain said.

Residents with valid program ideas are invited to bring them to TV9, and if given the go-ahead to produce their programs, are trained to operate the equipment.

Town and resident programing, including archived selectmen meetings, are accessible on the TV9 website.