A paw lent to homeless pets

July 20, 2012 by  

The animal shelter in Seekonk, home to stray dogs and cats, has been awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Animal Coalition.

The sum of $3,500, which was raised through the coalition’s fundraising program entitled ‘I’m Animal Friendly’ will soon be in the hands of the Seekonk Animal Shelter. Funds are raised by the coalition by selling souvenir license plates for animal lovers, which are available through the Petplate website and various other locations throughout Massachusetts.

The department of animal control in Seekonk has not officially announced how the grant will be used. However, guidelines set forth by the not-for-profit Massachusetts Animal Coalition are specific. The grant money will likely be used to spay and neuter dogs and cats that come into the shelter, which is part of a nationwide strategy to reduce or end animal homelessness in America.

Both the shelter and the Seekonk Town Clerk’s Office have undertaken flyer printing with information on where and how local animal lovers can purchase the special Pet Plates for use on the front of motor vehicles. For example, when Massachusetts residents visit the department of motor vehicles to purchase vehicle plates, they can buy plates for the ‘I’m Animal Friendly’ program at the same time.

The grant period runs until July 31, 2013, at which time another round of grant making for animal shelters across the state will begin again. The animal coalition encourages all residents to help eliminate animal homelessness by supporting their work in spaying and neutering all animals that come into shelters.