3D Printer wows Raynham students

December 11, 2011 by  

Engineering students at Bridgewater – Raynham Regional High now have the power to take designs out of their heads and transform them into objects they can actually see, feel and touch, thanks to a new state-of-the-art 3D printer.

Teacher Dave Patrick said the addition of the remarkable printer will give his students the edge when making application to colleges and university and making the grade once they start.

“It allows them to do rapid prototyping. When they design something on the computer it allows them to actually make it within hours and look at it and feel it and most importantly answer the question, ‘Does it work?’” Patrick told the local newspaper, the Raynham Call.

Patrick demonstrated an example to the school committee. He presented two mobile phone cases, engineered by a student and produced on the 3D printer. The first prototype unfortunately cracked, so using the printer, his student reconfigured it and produced a much more durable case.

The printer, which resembles an oversize oven, is not a traditional ink on paper printer, the type used for stationary printing. It builds a three dimensional object by using melted plastics, creating objects layer by layer.

“It can make just about anything,” he said. He added that the 3D printer does not have the capability to make objects larger than a few inches, nor anything with moving parts. However, it can make a series of parts, designed by students, which can be assembled after they’ve come off the printer.

“Our motto in this class is, nothing is impossible,” Patrick said proudly.