Special teacher award given to Peabody educator

January 26, 2014 by  

The international educational society Kappa Delta Pi recently named Peabody Learning Academy Director Seith Bedard as its latest “Teacher of Honor”. Most likely, poster printing is being used to announce this special award to the community.

The “Teacher of Honor” award is given to educators around the world, ranging from pre-school teachers to college professors and was established in 2008. Qualifications for the award include having taught in the classroom for at least three years, community service, contributions of an exceptional nature to the education profession and a commitment to high standards in the classroom. Bedard was given the award for his service to the community as well as his ability to teach students about social responsibility.

The Peabody Learning Academy (PLA) was established in 2010 as an alternative high school program at the Northshore Mall and Bedard became its first top administrator. It is part of the Peabody school district and serves at risk Peabody youth in partnership with the Simon Youth Foundation (SYF).

According to Dr. J. Michael Durnil, President and CEO of the SYF, “Mr. B.” does more than teach students; he inspires them to become lifelong learners and helps those who would have dropped out of high school to become graduates.

Students from the PLA and Bedard are involved in community service projects each month that include mentoring children with disabilities and volunteering for the Greater Boston Food Bank and with Habitat for Humanity. They also go to elementary schools to read to younger students.