Peabody schools welcome new staff members

September 27, 2013 by  

The school year in Peabody has started with some new additions to the staff, as well as different roles for some of those already working in the school system. Most likely, business card printing has been used to let people know about the changes.

Firstly, Eric Buckley became principal of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School during the summer. Buckley has spent more than 20 years in the Peabody School system. He taught one year at the Middle School and the rest of his career has been in teaching and administrative roles at the high school, most recently as Assistant Principal.

At the Carroll School, the largest elementary school in Peabody, Tracy Smith became the new principal. She spent the past four years as a housemaster at the Higgins Middle School and, prior to that, spent 10 years in Saugus at an elementary school teaching fourth grade and special education.

At the South School, Katelyn Kennedy started her first full year as principal. She served in an interim role during this past winter and spring to replace Maryellen McGrath, who was retiring. She has been teaching for nine years.

Finally, Jacqui Orphanos became principal of the Center School. She was born in Peabody and almost attended the school in which she now works until her family moved out of town. She started teaching at the Burke School in 1989, then went to the Carroll School in 1997 to teach, followed by several years at the North Shore Education Consortium beginning in 2000.