Peabody promotes on-road safety with car show

May 19, 2012 by  

To promote safe driving among high-school students, Peabody High School held an exhibition of student automobiles. It’s the first time the school has encouraged students to formally showcase their vehicles.

Approximately 20 Peabody High students entered the show, many proudly displaying cars which had just been freshly painted, detailed, and wired for sound.

As prom season approaches, school principal Edward Sapienza thought bringing a positive spin to teenage life behind the wheel would promote safety on the road and responsible driving habits. He said that it would be his wish for the car show to be part of the school year in 2013 because, in addition to being a source of pride in the school community, it helped link students in the vocational program with the main student body.

The idea for the competition originated with Wrbasy Ramirez, a 12th grade student in the vocational stream at Peabody High. Local auto dealer Lyon-Waugh sponsored the show to help foster future relationships with students who, one day, may choose careers in the automotive industry. Community sponsorships of local events and competitions are great opportunities for poster printing by professional print companies.

Prizes were given for first, second, and third place categories, with additional prizes awarded to vehicles with the best interior, finest sound system, most outstanding wheels, and one for the most outstanding truck.

Warren Waugh, owner of Lyon-Waugh, spoke highly of the event:

“It’s exciting to see anyone have a passion for automobiles. It’s pretty cool to see the kids organizing it all.”