Peabody perfect backdrop to Sandler sequel

April 25, 2012 by  

A former Saturday Night Live comedian and film star returns to Peabody this summer with a crew to shoot scenes for a movie sequel.

Adam Sandler, who spend a week last year in Peabody filming part of a movie entitled “I Hate You, Dad”, will be back in May with a crew to shoot “Grown Ups 2″.

The plan so far, according to the location manager, is to set the scene in Marblehead, using area schools and a house on Atlantic Avenue. Charlie Harrington said he had to obtain permission to film a large portion of the movie from the Board of Selectmen. He stated that he and his crew scouted as many as 40 locations and the Marblehead Peabody area was the favorite of both Sandler and the film’s director. The script has been written but the name of the fictitious New England town where the action takes place hasn’t been chosen.

Harrington was tight lipped about the plot of Sandler’s upcoming sequel but did drop hints about an NBA legend that might be spotted this summer by local residents. Actors Chris Rock and David Spade, among others, will join Sandler in filming the comedy. Movie poster printing for Grown Ups 2 will be collectible items by Peabody residents.

In the summer of 2011 in Sandler’s film “I Hate You, Dad”, Peabody’s Cabaret Club was transformed into “Classy Rick’s Bacon and Legg’s”, complete with a fake, exterior sign featuring a woman with pink hair and high heels. An apartment on Collins Street was also used.

Filming this summer is expected to wrap up August 9.