Peabody merges city and school HR office

November 14, 2012 by  

The department of human resources in Peabody schools and municipal offices has been amalgamated.

Now, one HR director will supervise both departments by special ordinance of Peabody City Council. The new position, which will be held by Karen Budrow, will have more responsibility and, with it, a higher salary of $97,000 a year.

Peabody’s Mayor, Ted Bettencourt, spoke to councilors at a recent civic meeting, saying:

“This was only going to be presented to you as a joint position if we had the right candidate.”

Bettencourt also told councilors that he hired Budrow for the position out of all the qualified applications, explaining:

“Karen stood out. Her credentials are outstanding…her personality is an outstanding fit for our city.”

Appointments such as this are an opportunity for local print services to provide business card printing and stationery printing.

Budrow came to Peabody after spending a dozen years in Chelsea as HR director with earlier experience in her home area of Gloucester. Budrow was present in council chambers and expressed appreciation for being chosen for the new dual role.

Councilor Anne Manning-Martin wants a job description registered as an ordinance for the day that Budrow needs to be replaced. She cited an undergraduate human resources degree, a minimum of five years supervisory and/or administration experience (with a preference for candidates with experience in a municipality), and a master’s degree. Manning-Martin also asked fellow council members to consider an appropriate length of term for the position.