Non-profit helps women with support from Macy’s

December 24, 2013 by  

A Little Easier Recovery, a 501(c)3 non-profit located in North Andover, just northwest of Peabody, recently announced that it has received a grant from Macy’s, which will enable the organization to continue its programs that assist patients with advanced breast cancer in their treatments and recovery. Most likely, the organization has been using flyer printing and poster printing to let women know of this generous donation, which will help such women to receive benefits from the non-profit.

Cathy McGrath founded A Little Easier Recovery and created the Jacki jacket to help women who have been treated for breast cancer and are in the recovery process. It has pockets all around to provide drainage from the incisions from surgery, and Velcro seams to help with the limited range of motion that may also result from surgery.

Oncology staff members in more than 81 hospitals in 20 states have been able to distribute the jacket free of charge to patients of breast cancer during one-on-one care planning. Over 12,000 patients have been helped by A Little Easier Recovery since the organization was founded.

According to program director, Maureen Cardinal, the organization is very pleased to have received this grant from Macy’s. She added that, the women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer and are now in the recovery stage have a very long road ahead of them and the organization feels honored and privileged to be able to help them with the continued support of Macy’s.