New smaller wind turbines could provide greener energy

January 1, 2013 by  

A new form of wind turbine baring a modern, compact design is being trialed on the roof of South Harbor Station garage in Salem, near Peabody.

The new turbines are part of a generation using a hybrid system that comprises a storage battery and a solar panel.

Wing Power Energy, which has headquarters in Burlington and a research facility based in Salem, has developed the design.

Jason Silva, speaking on behalf of the mayor’s office, said:

“This is a neat, one-of-a-kind project that has been completed with no cost to the city of Salem. It’s allowed us to use more green energy.”

Sue Madden Moore is marketing vice president at Wing Power Energy. She pointed out how, when people picture a turbine, they call to mind the bigger, more widely recognized and controversial designs dotted along the North Shore.

She said the new design spins differently, explaining:

“Instead of being hundreds of feet tall, they’re 35 feet tall, and when you’re standing next to them you can’t hear anything.”

The new turbines generate energy through their solar panels on sunny days – and through the wind on cloudy days.

Moore praised the hybrid system, claiming it is greener than existing green energy.

Energy companies and developers in the industry will often promote fresh innovations through professional poster printing.

Three of the new turbines have been installed at the garage as part of a test program – the combined efforts of the city, Verizon, and Wing Power Energy. CCTV cameras, free Wi-Fi in the nearby businesses, and an information billboard will be powered by the trial turbines.