Mayor speaks of unlimited potential in Peabody

June 26, 2012 by  

The town of Peabody has a bright future with untapped potential, according to Mayor Ted Bettencourt.

At a Chamber of Commerce meeting this month, Bettencourt shared his optimist regarding the town’s future but told civic leaders and the town business community that there is much work ahead to lay the foundation for a solid future. He said:

“I feel like we have a lot of things to be proud of…but I don’t think we’ve always lived up to our potential.”

The Mayor joined leaders from across the North Shore region at the Chamber breakfast, each sharing news and their vision for a successful and prosperous future. Membership in an association with a core group of influential business leaders is a good investment for print companies from a business development perspective.

Bettencourt discussed projects currently on the books in Peabody, including construction of a middle school, the revitalization of Main Street and Centennial Industrial Park, flood preparedness, and more cost-effective health insurance in the municipality. He noted that community pride initiatives are also in the works.

By making the town center in Peabody a safer and more pleasant place to be, Bettencourt said the investment in infrastructure bodes well for the economic climate and potential growth.

At present, Peabody is already an attractive place to live and do business with lower taxes, plenty of land ripe for development, easy access to the highway, little crime and plenty of room for all. With a smile, Bettencourt added:

“Once I start talking about Peabody it’s hard to shut me up.”