Keep it relevant: the future of print

March 13, 2012 by  

The head of an international print organization says print companies have to stop thinking of themselves as a manufacturer of printing to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world.

President of the International Association of Printing Craftsmen (IAPHC), Kevin Keane, addressed attendees at the Vision 3 Summit in Florida in February. In speaking on the topic of relevancy in a digital world on the first day of the four-day convention, Keane urged industry leaders to start viewing printing as less of a manufacturing process and more of an information service.

“This gives printers an opportunity to build community and engagement by using print as a launch pad to a completely immersive experience,”

Keane said to delegates from around the U.S. Print services in Peabody also had the opportunity to attend the Vision 3 Summit.

He urged print companies to latch onto the latest communication methods and to choose tools that are being used by customers, for instance social media. Social media allows one-to-one customer contact and Keane went so far as to suggest that print companies select one staff member who would be assigned to manage marketing and customer service via social media.

“You’ve got to go where the people will respond, and that’s social media,” Keane said.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Focus Your Vision on Transformation and Growth.” Print companies, vendors, consultants and representatives from industry associations spent four days networking and learning at the Marco Island Marriott Resort on Florida’s Gulf Coast.