Ice Cream for Breakfast Day held to honor math teacher

February 8, 2014 by  

The ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’ was held at the start of the month at the Cherry Farm Creamery in Danvers, just outside of Peabody.

This is an annual event that the shop on Conant Street holds on the first Saturday in February, with half of the proceeds going towards a local project or cause. This year’s donations were made to the Colleen Ritzer Memorial Scholarship Fund. Ritzer was a math teacher at Danvers High School.

It’s possible that the success of the event, which raised $3,500, was aided by flyer printing and poster printing, which may have included a quote from Ritzer.

The Creamery offered its regular treats as well as some special breakfast offerings, which included waffle sundaes, coffee and donut flavor ice cream, warm blueberry topping and maple syrup sauce, pop tart sundaes, and maple bacon ice cream.

The hours for this breakfast were 8:00 am to noon with people lining up long before the shop opened and hundreds of people partaking in the treats long after it closed.

The Essex County Community Foundation manages the scholarship fund and was established to honor Ritzer and her passion for teaching mathematics. It is awarded to students who plan to pursue college degrees in education so they can continue her legacy of making a difference in the lives of students.