QR Codes topic at recent chamber workshop

February 19, 2012 by  

The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce recently introduced members to the advantages of using QR Codes to promote their business. The morning workshop was presented as a service to members, many of which are small businesses in the Newburyport and West Newburyport areas.

The two-hour workshop was presented at the Newburyport Public Library and facilitated by the marketing and communications director from the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce, Ashley Sulock, and a colleague, Julie Fruscio, a business development expert from Excelsior. Members were charged just $20 to attend.

Chamber members were encouraged to bring their mobile phones to acquaint themselves with using QR codes and gaining firsthand knowledge of business application.

Newburyport print companies are well versed on how to generate the codes, which are similar to the bar codes used by retailer to price items and track inventory. Unlike one dimensional bar codes, which hold a limited amount of data, two-dimensional QR codes can hold a wealth of information.

The workshop presented information on the effective uses, relevancy and best practices of using the codes when poster printing.

QR codes are scanned with iPhones or a smartphones with a camera. A properly created QR code will connect phone functions to digital content on the internet and activate the phone’s web browser, email or IM and SMS messaging.

QR codes have been used in Japan for more than 10 years, the country in which they were invented by Denso Wave, a Toyota company which has permitted the use of the codes by anyone.