Putting the finger on ring owner

December 12, 2012 by  

A Newburyport woman is on the hunt for the family of someone who once owned a ring that is now nearly 80 years old and has been lost for an unknown number of years.

Diane Torpey of Newburyport found a 1933 class ring bearing the initials ‘PB’ engraved with the words ‘Newburyport High School’ in a metal cookie container while cleaning up the office of a liquor vendors. No one knows how long the box has been home to the antique ring.

Torpey has been looking for clues as to the ring’s owner ever since. She says:

“I hope to be able to present this ring to somebody for Christmas.”

Taking a photo of the ring and running off posters at a local print company would help in her search but, as a start, she paid a visit to the Newburyport High School and discovered that in 1933’s graduating class, there was just one student with ‘PB’ as their initials. That student was Priscilla Bradford, and further investigation revealed that she died in 2000. Now she is turning her attention to the possibility of locating a grandchild.

With the assistance of a volunteer from the library who has a passion for genealogy, Torpey discovered that the late Ms. Bradford was wed to Harlan Fowle, who launched a deli in one of Newburyport’s most favorite neighborhoods. The Fowles’ had daughters and eventually, granddaughters.

Torpey is hopeful that it will not be long before a child or grandchild can wear the ring with the same pride as its original owner.