Overland Marine falls to lumber yard in Newburyport

May 19, 2012 by  

A wholesale lumber company may soon take over the current land and premises of Overland Marine Inc. in Newburyport.

Timberline Enterprises LLC of Gloucester is currently doing the paperwork to establish their lumberyard on Low Street and is in discussion with the Newburyport Planning Board for the appropriate permits.

The municipal application calls for a major review of the site plan in readiness for a permit to completely redevelop the land for the company’s wholesale lumber operation, which will include a retail component.

As part of the application, representatives from Timberline must present themselves to the Conservation Board in Newburyport as well as the Planning Board. The 4.2 acre plot which Timberline wants to develop, which is adjacent to the Elks Lodge, falls under the jurisdiction of the Wetlands Protection Act, in accordance with the city’s wetlands ordinance.

Should the sale become official and permits granted, the management and staff will require new business cards; an excellent opportunity for print companies to showcase digital business card printing.

As the plans stand now, Timberline will keep two buildings on the current land, which is currently being used for the service and storage of marine vehicles. One building will be torn down and four new buildings will be erected within the 4.2 acre boundary, including two drive-through structures for the loading of lumber.

Timberline Enterprises of Gloucester is owned by Chris Costello who is reported to have 15 years of experience in building materials. The purchase of the land is not finalized, however, permit acquisition prior to purchase is part of the process.