Newburyport Police opens doors to public

July 30, 2013 by  

Last Saturday, July 27, the Police Department of Newburyport held its annual Open House for the community, during which residents were able to see jail cells, the fleet of cruisers for the department, offices, garages and everything else related to the inner workings of a municipal police department. No doubt the department used banner printing throughout the town to announce this four-hour event so as many people as possible would be able to attend.

Those who came to the Open House were greeted by officers, dispatchers, and civilians. There were free refreshments for children, including pizza and slushes, and other free giveaways such as temporary tattoos from the Police Department, balloons, badges, and other souvenirs related to the department. Special activities were also on offer, such as the chance hop onto a mountain bike belonging to the Police, sliding into a cruiser, and sitting on a motorcycle belonging to the squad. Adults were able to take guided tours of the station.

According to Inspector Matt Simons, this annual event is a very important community outreach opportunity for the department. It enables people to see the police as people wanting to help the community. Inspector Charles Eaton adds that this is an event that he looks forward to every year as he knows the department finds it just as exciting as those attending it do.

At the Open House, the department also introduced a new mobile app called MyPD which enables those who download it to have department contacts, tip forms, feedback, and the ability to retrieve information from various national and federal agencies.