Newburyport goes behind the scenes

February 10, 2013 by  

In a weeklong, fun, and thought-provoking class, students will engage in the learning techniques of professional film acting and then will have the opportunity to view their recorded performances via TV monitor.

‘Newburyport: Teens On-Camera’ will allow students to employ their actual life experiences, as well as selected commercial monologues and scripts from television productions, plays, and movies. At the end of the season, students will be provided with a digital, print company-quality copy of their performances.

The Firehouse Society for the Development of Arts and Humanities prides itself on presenting, supporting, and creating an eclectic array of cultural, informative, and artistic programs. The Society is dedicated to the advancement of arts and humanities in the Newburyport area. By promoting the advancement of local artists, as well as cultural and literary organizations, this goal is achieved.

The instructor, Charles Van Eman has worked as a professional actor in Boston, LA, New York and Atlanta for over 30 years. An accomplished author, Van Eman has written adaptations of Louis L’Amour’s collection of short stories for Random House Publishing, which were distributed as audio dramas. He was the co-writer of 20 episodes of High Rise, an internet drama series set in Atlanta. Further, in his quest to keep the printing companies busy, Van Eman has also authored two novels: ‘The Weight of Loss’ and ‘On The Way To Pomona’.

Classes run February 18 – 22 from 9:00 am-12:00 noon. The cost is $125 and the workshop is available for students of age 12 – 16. Early registration is recommended as admission is restricted to 12 students. Contact Beth Falconer at 978 499 9931 to book.