Microbrewery has head on craft market

October 30, 2012 by  

With more demand for craft beer in the marketplace, The Newburyport Brewing Company has rallied investors around their new products with solid plans on tap to hit store shelves next year. This month, the Boston Business Journal reported that the company has raised £1m from around 35 investors over recent months.

The brewers plan to market their brand of craft suds and sell it in cans to consumers and by the keg to restaurants in the Newburyport vicinity. Cans typically have been used in lower priced beverages but are easier to stack and more portable for the consumer, gaining them popularity among craft beer fans.

So far, the brewery’s product line includes Belgian whites and pale ales. Green Head IPA, named for a biting fly local to the area, will be billed as ‘the beer that bites you back’.

The group also has ambitious plans to make its plant available to competitors who are looking for canning and brewing operations. Its home base will be in a huge, 8,300 square-foot warehouse space, which includes a manufacturing area and meeting and tasting rooms. Flyer printing, labels, cartons, and other paper materials for advertising and packaging can be done by print companies in the Newburyport area, eager to support local business.

The brewing company hopes to start brewing in a couple of months with late January as a target for its canned beer to be on the shelves, available in 12-ounce cans, and drinking establishments.

Future plans for the Newburyport Brewing Company include a brewpub in the city center – a plan that is still several years away.