Historic flagpole in Newburyport to be fixed by city

September 16, 2013 by  

High winds from a fall rainstorm caused damage to an historic flagpole at the east end Bartlet Mall in Newburyport last Wednesday, September 11, and city officials are looking into the damage and considering whether it can be replaced or fixed. No doubt the city has been using a variety of printing services to quickly let people know of their plans in response to the many inquires it has received.

According to the director of policy and administration at City Hall, Peter Lombardi, the winds caused the pole to break at the yardarm and the city is checking with insurance to determine whether it is better to replace it or fix it. Those who manage the Superior Court building nearby own another building on the Mall, but this flagpole was not damaged.

What makes this flagpole in question stand out is that it has been close to the statue of George Washington at the east end of the Mall for decades and Joe Callahan, a local historian, estimates that it was erected in 1936 and paid for by the Newburyport Improvement Society. It is the third flagpole at this location, the first one being erected in 1897, blown down in 1925, and replaced in 1926. The flagpole stands at 40 feet in height.

Lombardi has said that the elements of the weather over the years have most likely weakened the flagpole and it just was not able to withstand the winds that occurred on Wednesday.