‘Fun raising’ benefits Newburyport public schools

September 25, 2012 by  

Parent councils and home and school associations in Newburyport schools make the grade when it comes to fundraising ideas, and it has recently been estimated by its founder that a new scheme could raise a five-figure sum this year to put back into the community.

The company behind the scheme is called Generate for Schools and it uses the technology of credit card authorization to cut small business cost while funneling funds into school projects. Usually, when a retailer or service provider takes payment via debit or credit card, the owner pays a fee per transaction. Generate for Schools helps to negotiate a better fee and share the savings with schools participating on the program.

Retailers and other businesses could advertise support for Newburyport schools through this program by doing some banner printing, attracting more business through this goodwill program.

Marc Kerble, superintendent of Newburyport Public Schools, says the middle school has been able to outfit a new writing lab and a music lab using funds from Generate for Schools. Meanwhile, Kim Lively, who owns a clothing store for kids that contributes approximately $20 a month towards school fundraising, is impressed by the simplicity of the program. Lively’s $20 a month contribution, along with that of the 50 other retailers in the pool, helps to raise a whopping approximately $17,000 annually, according John Malone, founder of Generate for Schools.

Newburyport schools are thrilled with the results, as parent volunteers in schools can often be overwhelmed with fundraising activities. More information can be found on the Generate for Schools website.