Street shinny will face off this weekend

December 18, 2012 by  

Massachusetts’s hockey fans who may be going through hockey withdrawal can score a fix for what ails them this Saturday, December 22, in Malden.

Organizers eager to bring back to the good old days of street hockey can attend the first ever Malden ‘Home for the Holidays’ Tournament. The puck is scheduled to drop this weekend at the Linden School, where a shinny rink has been erected for the occasion.

Poster printing and flyer printing heralding the come-back of street hockey in Malden would be the ideal way to spread the word about the return of road hockey at its finest.

Organizers of the first annual tourney told the Malden Observe that the aim of the event is to:

“…bring back the sentiment, fun and feeling of community of one of Malden’s all-time great pastimes.”

The idea for the charity event was stick-handled by a group of friends, all middle-aged or older, who were missing hockey due to the NHL strike and were pining for the days of their youth when street hockey was the best game in town.

Last minute registration information is available on a Facebook page constructed just for the event. There are several teams entered already with a $10 entry fee. Trades between teams are allowed for a fee and import players can be added to rosters, also for a fee. All players must be aged 35 or over and must be a current or past resident of Malden.