Rededication ceremony to be held at Linden Park

August 11, 2013 by  

The City of Malden has announced that the Linden Victory Delta and Veterans’ Monuments will be rededicated in a special ceremony next week. The city and the mayor’s office are most likely using banner printing around the city to make the community aware of this special event.

The monuments are located at the Linden Victory Delta across the street from the Linden Elementary School. The Delta was restored and improved by Judy Bucci, Councilor from Ward 8, and the City of Malden as a tribute to honor the veterans of the city. The monuments in the Delta are dedicated to those who served in the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

New patriotic banners were installed at the Delta and motorists and other passersby have given them rave reviews. The banners were part of a larger project funded by the City to make improvements at the Delta and Linden Park and also included new and refurbished play equipment, new period lighting, and upgrades to the playing fields. The improvement project was supervised by the Malden Redevelopment Authority.

Linden Park is also home to Hunting Field which provides residents of the City with a variety of sports facilities. These include a diamond for either softball or baseball, a basketball court, soccer field, rink for floor and street hockey, and a playground. There is also space for some old favorites, such as Four Square and Hopscotch.

The rededication ceremony will take place on Thursday, August 15 at 3:00 pm.