Medford to raise awareness through June run

May 24, 2013 by  

In early June, ‘Relay For Life’ will be holding one of its events in Medford, Massachusetts at Medford High School’s Field of Dreams. The run is open to people who live in Medford, Malden, or Somerville.

For those unfamiliar with what goes on here, it is a 15-hour run that takes place overnight. Participants will come in teams of 10 or 15, and they are supposed to have a team member running or walking on the track for the duration of the event.

Relay For Life is a global event held by the American Cancer Society to raise awareness about cancer, as well as offering help to combat the disease. The walks create a public event in which communities can participate to remember loved ones who have passed away or struggled with cancer, thereby helping them to raise awareness by publicizing the event among their peers. They also act as a way to raise funds for the research and treatment of cancer.

Printing companies can help provide a great number of materials for this event, or ones like it. Flyer printing companies can create promotional items to be distributed in Malden, Somerville, and Medford, while brochure printers can also produce a supply of informational brochures or catalogs that organizers can have to give to anyone who wants to be kept in the know.

The run will get underway at 1:00 pm on Saturday, June 1, and the Relay For Life website has details on how to get involved.