Malden Writers’ Collaborative hosts book drive

April 22, 2013 by  

The African Library Project (ALP) is in need of gently used books to send to African communities that have more enthusiastic readers than books for them to read.

The ALP is calling for locals to assist by donating their used books or by making a charitable donation that will help defer the overseas shipping costs. A little bit of hard work, five hundred dollars, and one thousand books is all that is required to establish a library.

The Malden Writers’ Collaborative, a local group of creative writers whose focal point is nurturing one another’s writing skills, is sponsoring this book drive. The writers in this group are as unique as their individual styles, and as different as their chosen genera and writing endeavors. Further, they are as determined about developing their writing skills as they are about having a good time.

The idyllic members for this group are compassionate, unbiased and considerate in every way to their fellow writers, and acknowledge that it requires courage and inner-strength to share one’s work with the knowledge that not everyone will appreciate, understand, or approve of one’s brand of creativity. The group’s mission is to facilitate growth, not deter it. Blossoming writers who are interested in becoming a part of this group are advised to leave their preconceptions, envy, and negativity in the parking lot.

Donations can be taken to 150 Charles Street in Malden at any time up until this Thursday, April 25. To spread the word of the donations sought, groups arranging these types of appeal often turn to flyer printing services carried out by their local printing companies.