Malden teens get work experience thanks to jobs program

August 10, 2012 by  

Malden will have more teenagers working for employers in the city than ever before, thanks to a new employment program which runs for six weeks. The program has run previously but the Mayor, Gary Christenson, wanted to revamp the scheme, creating higher standards for application.

The jobs scheme has previously involved an application which needed participants’ personal details and little more. This year, the scheme will be run by the community outreach coordinator, Karen Hayes, who operates from the mayor’s office. The application form now requires a personal statement, which is a standard requirement for colleges and future employment. The Mayor said that he wanted the teenagers to experience what it is like to apply for colleges and jobs, getting a real experience of employment.

The city council has provided an extra $100,000 every year towards the program. Together with grants already pledged, this year’s total budget is $230,000 for the youth employment program. A range of public and private sector employers are taking part in the scheme, offering a variety of positions to the students. Harvard Medical School has offered one student a position as an administration officer, another student is working for a local printing company, while a third is working for the non-profit organization Triangle Inc., which helps people who have disabilities to live an independent life.

According to Hayes and Christenson, a number of the students join the program needing life skills, which their work experience helps provide. The parents of some students give support and the organizers of the program offer support to others.