‘Frank Says Hi’ at Malden Fundraiser

January 18, 2013 by  

The fifth annual ‘Frank Says Hi’ Scholarship Fundraiser will be held this evening, January 18, from 7:00 pm until midnight at the Irish-American Club in Malden, Massachusetts.

The Hunts Fantasy Football League, in memory of Frankie DeCandia, will sponsor the event. Tickets are available at the door for $20. A buffet dinner, raffle tickets, and a disc jockey that spins all the favorite records are included. It is a great chance to come out and have fun, benefiting an excellent cause in the process.

“Frank Says Hi” is an organization that raises money to fund scholarships for eligible, college-bound high-school students in the Malden area. The family and numerous friends of 22-year-old Frank DeCandia, who lost his hard-fought battle with leukemia in 2008, founded the organization.

In January of 2006 while he was a journalism student (the printing services would have been inundated with his work!) at Suffolk University, Frankie was diagnosed with CML leukemia—cancer of the white blood cells.

While Frankie was hospitalized in 2008, he and his best friend, Jason Rossi were chatting on the telephone. As the conversation ended, Frankie asked Jason to do him a favor. He wanted Jason to tell as many people as possible that he had said “hi” to them.

Jason recalled this conversation after his best friend had passed away. With the help of Frankie DeCandia’s family and friends, Jason Rossi launched “Frank Says Hi” in memory of his friend.

For more information, visit the ‘Frank Says Hi’ website.