Cultural council grants given to Malden

January 25, 2014 by  

The city of Malden recently received 24 grants for cultural programs in the city totaling $21,626. Co-chairwomen of the Malden Cultural Council, Erika Field and Candace Julyan, along with Mayor Gary Christianson made this announcement and most likely are turning to flyer printing to let those interested parties in the community become aware of these funds.

Some of the recipients of the awards which range from $225 to $2,500 include the Malden Latino Council, Housing Families, North Shore Black Women’s Association and Mystic Valley Elder Services.

There are 329 Local Cultural Councils (LCC) that serve all of the 351 towns and cities in Massachusetts and the Malden Cultural Council is one of them. These LCC’s are part of Massachusetts Cultural Council, an agency of the state, which is appropriated funds on annual basis by the state legislature. The Massachusetts Cultural Council then allocates these funds to each community and it is up to members of a volunteer board at the community level to determine which activities will be supported by these funds.

According to the Mayor, it is the local council that really makes the system work. They have to make difficult decisions about which projects should be supported and make the limited resources go as far as possible. Some of the programs which the council make possible are live musical performances for the elderly, field trips for students and programming at the library for families.

Other activities around the state which have been made possible by these grants are radio and video productions, visual arts and writing programs, after school youth programs, historical preservation efforts and science and nature education programs