Christenson takes office in Malden; sworn in by dad

January 26, 2012 by  

After an exciting election last fall, which kept the presses rolling at Malden print companies with campaign material, Mayor Gary Christenson was recently sworn in as Mayor during an elaborate inauguration.

In his inaugural speech, Christenson told supporters and fellow city fathers that he will fulfill his campaign promises, which include moving City Hall, increasing members in the police department, a new center for teens and fostering diversity in the city.

“I will look to the community leaders to help me harness the immense cultural pride that flows through our city,” Christenson said. “By working together, we will find and foster the ideas that will benefit the entire Malden community. Malden can be a shining example of our nation’s most basic philosophy. It does not matter where you’re from, what your title is, or what kind of car you drive … if you work hard and dedicate yourself, then anything is possible.”

The two-hour affair was also a farewell gathering for Richard C. Howard, former mayor of Malden and a community favourite, who received high praise from those at the microphone.

Christenson was administered the oath of office by one of his biggest supporter, his father, Jeff, who has encouraged his son since his days at Malden High School when the younger Christenson gave his first political speech in front of his fellow teens.

“I remember how I felt more than what I said that day,” Gary Christenson recounted. “Most importantly, I remember how it felt to be given an opportunity to make a difference.”