New ambulance added to fleet in Lowell area

January 23, 2018 by  

Trinity EMS recently rolled out a new rehabilitation unit to help first responders in several communities of Greater Lowell to help care for those who care for others.

The truck was built in 1997 and purchased by Trinity from the American Red Cross in Maryland. Trinity then drove the truck back to Lowell and refurbished it at a cost of $75,000.

The director of operations at Trinity, Rick Barry, said that the vehicle was gutted and then renovated to meet the needs of the several departments that would use it.

The official name of the truck is Operation 5, but is being called the ‘water wagon’, as it will have supplies of water, misting fans, snacks, and other amenities like chargers for portable phones and radios, as well as built-in radios so it can serve as a commend center when needed.

There is also an extendable awning that will enable firefighters to rest outside in the shade on warm days, and fold-down seating inside the truck.

The goal of the truck, Barry added, is to keep firefighters and other first responders warm, cool, or hydrated, depending on the circumstances. He notes that it will also ensure that first responders who work so hard can avoid medical emergencies leading to hospital visits.

Flyers are often used to let communities know about such additions to ambulances and other support vehicle fleets.