Town applies for way-finding grant

October 10, 2012 by  

Like many American towns and cities, local planning commissions struggle to keep downtown neighborhoods vibrant and alive.

In Foxboro, Massachusetts, the board of selectmen enlisted a consultant to develop a master plan for the center of town and have come up with a strategy to do just that. Town planner Sharon Wason in Foxboro has instructed her board to make application for a grant in the amount of $10,000 to develop a ‘way finding’ program for Foxboro’s town center. Grants for the downtown Initiative program are offered by the state of Massachusetts.

‘Way finding’ is a term for the display of directional signs, so locals who are traveling through town, or those visiting, can find downtown as either a point of reference or to easily find hotels or business connections. This was a top priority in the master plan developed by the consultant.
Wason said:

“Through signs, banners, and a digital directory-guide, downtown Foxboro will become more accessible [to] those living and working in town as well as people traveling through.”

This paves the way for Foxboro printing services to provide banner printing and other services to the municipality, should the grant application be approved. The town would probably employ the help of local artists and design professionals to create a visual identify or logo for Foxboro to be used on welcome signs and banners displayed around town. An app for smart phones would give visitor information about local shopping districts, downtown restaurants, and amenities or events happening in the center of town.