Sheriffs host cookout for seniors

September 21, 2012 by  

The Foxboro Senior Center will be the scene of special cookout in just a couple of weeks for some lucky senior citizens.

Sheriff Michael Bellotti will don his chef’s apron and engage the entire Norfolk County Sheriff’s department as they fire up the barbecue and toss a few salads as part as the TRIAD Cookout beginning at noon.

TRIAD was formed as a cross country program, partnering senior citizens, members of local law enforcement, and the federal Council on aging. This dynamic trio of agencies works in harmony to prevent seniors from becoming victims of crime and to create more awareness regarding facilities and protective services in their community.

Since many citizens in this demographic are not connected on the internet, brochure printing and flyer printing would be the most efficient way of communicating safety information in the senior community.

The TRIAD program furthers the education of seniors and empowers them to not only prevent crimes but to detect criminal activity in their neighborhoods. The outcome of the work of these three groups is to reduce the number of crimes that are committed against seniors and, ultimately, to increase the quality of life for everyone, not just for seniors.

As an organization that is operated by seniors, TRIAD is currently seeking and recruiting senior leadership to run the group. Those involved have an excellent opportunity to express their concerns about neighborhood safety issues.

The TRIAD Cookout will be held October 4 in Foxboro but regular TRIAD meetings are at 1:00 pm every third Wednesday of the month. Call the Foxboro Senior Center for more information.