Hot hotelier Wynn woos Foxboro residents

December 21, 2011 by  

In an exclusive interview with The Sun Chronicle, developers planning a resort hotel and casino hoped to assure Foxboro residents that plans will not go forward without the town’s approval.

Las Vegas hotel owner Steve Wynn, who is drafting plans to build on land across Route 1 by Gilette Stadium owned by Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, said he has met with Foxboro residents to discuss the massive development and to assure them that a hotel and casino would be built to suit the town’s character.

“I don’t fail to appreciate the image that may exist in the mind of people who live in the neighborhood that includes two massive operations that are primarily casinos in Foxwoods and at Mohegan Sun,” Wynn said, noting that he does not envision a hotel and casino as flashy as his properties in Nevada which include The Mirage, Bellagio, the Golden Nugget and Wynn.

“What applies to Las Vegas does not apply to Foxboro,” he said.

The complex, still in the design phase, could include a low-rise hotel, convention center, meeting rooms plus restaurants and retail space. Gaming would be in a separate area and would offer comprehensive security.
The land would be leased to Wynn by Kraft. The area was originally slated to house a business park, however, due to the current econmomy the land along Route 1 was doomed to remain vacant.

A hotel complex would insure continued work for stationery printing companies in Foxboro and area. It would also create thousands of jobs, create demand for housing and boost other buinessess in the area.

“Hopefully, they will decide that it’s in their best long-term interests,” Kraft said. “If they don’t, then we’ll both just move on and go on to other projects.”