Government generates efficient energy laws

May 19, 2012 by  

Much has been done to create and protect a green energy supply in Massachusetts but there is still plenty more to do, said Governor Deval Patrick at a recent energy summit in Foxboro.

Patrick spoke at the summit held in Gillette Stadium shortly after the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy chose Massachusetts as America’s most efficient user of energy. California had previously held the distinction as the country’s green energy-efficient leader.

Addressing delegates at the summit, entitled “Leading the Nation in the Energy Savings Revolution,” Patrick said:

“More than 42 percent of Massachusetts residents — 2.7 million people — live in one of the state’s 86 green communities. We are investing more per capita than any other state.”

The two-day conference was an opportunity for leaders in the energy sector to share ideas and make connections. Conferences of this type often invite vendors and suppliers, such as print companies, to bring displays about their products and services.

The governor remarked that since he was elected, the amount of solar power generated has soared, going from three megawatts to a whopping 100 megawatts. Further, Patrick credited the green energy industry with generating another sort of power: employment power. Through well-paying jobs in the energy sector, Massachusetts is partly responsible for helping the state weather the recession, Patrick explained:

“We have a large, diverse and growing clean energy sector. Massachusetts continues to rank in the top three in job growth and our clean energy investment is vital to those results.”

The state boasts energy infrastructure in terms of green energy legislature, including the Global Warming Solutions Act, the Green Communities, and Green Jobs Act.

The recent summit in Foxboro was presented by local utility corporations in Massachusetts.