Experienced medium gives spirited Foxborough showing

January 18, 2013 by  

Maria Halvorsen, a medium with 10 years’ experience, was in Foxborough earlier this week, assisting those hoping to connect with their spiritual side.

Describing the classes, Foxborough’s Patch website says:

“[Halvorsen’s] facts are specific and incredibly accurate. Her authenticity is established beyond expectation, as she brings forth evidential and undeniable information. Maria hopes her understanding of and connection with Spirit will bring you to a place of peace and harmony.”

Taking place in an intimate, relaxed setting on Tuesday, January 16, the next two monthly sessions at The Reiki Room in Foxborough, MA are scheduled for February 13 and March 13.

An evening with Halvorsen aims to leave her audience with a feeling of peace in the knowledge that those who have departed remain near. Her intent is to share the insights and messages she says she gleans from her Spirit Guide with the hope of bringing others a bit of tranquility and understanding.

She promises that each person in attendance will receive his or her own personal message. Hence, these events are limited to eight people. Early registration is advisable, as tickets tend to sell out quickly.

The Reiki Room is also a holistic healing facility that focuses on the healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. Existing services include Reiki techniques, emotional procedures coaching, and Tong Ren therapy, to name a few. Classes, as well as treatments in the aforementioned areas, are also available. More can be found out by visiting the Reiki Room’s website.