Driving program for cops saves town money

March 22, 2012 by  

How many policemen driving safely does it take to save on insurance?

In Foxboro, it’s 18. That’s how many men and women in blue recently took part in a safety program for driving conducted free of charge by the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association. Encouraging municipalities to host safety programs can be done through flyer and brochure printing and direct mail.

As a result of agreeing to participate in the MIIA program, the town of Foxboro will enjoy casualty and property credits on their insurance premiums.

Town police used a high tech computer simulator which authentically put participants through 150 different driving conditions, similar to what law enforcement, fire fighters and EMS vehicles would encounter. It even simulated adverse weather conditions, day and night driving.

The free course, which law enforcement officials took part in recently, also offered one-to-one training to review emergency protocols and defensive driving strategies. Once completed, participants could experience between 10 and 25% fewer accidents.

“Ensuring the safety of our employees and the public is a priority in Foxboro,” said Kevin Paicos, town manager. “The driver training program from MIIA gives officers virtual hands-on emergency driving experience off the road and in the safety of the simulator. We appreciate these programs that further enhance the skills of employees while helping minimize the risk of incidents during emergency calls.”

The Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association is a completely non-profit subsidiary of Massachusetts’s Municipal Association. The association is member-driven and currently insures approximately 400 municipalities in Massachusetts. On average, over 5,200 participants completed training and workshops in the state, resulting in $2,400,000 in premium credits being awarded.