Workforce development program receives grant from Fall River women’s group

December 13, 2018 by  

The Steppingstone’s Project EdNA has been awarded $4,450 by the Fall River Women’s Union. Project EdNA enables women who are being treated at Steppingstone to access workforce development programs in order to find meaningful jobs.

The Center for Workforce and Community Education at Bristol Community College partners with Project EdNA to offer a course customized to meet the needs of women in treatment. Over the next year, it will be held twice, so that 40 women will be able to attend the program.

The course is 15 hours long and provides information about how to look for a job, writing a résumé, and interview coaching and presentation. The goal is to further educate and enhance the skills of the women attending the course so they can become financially independent. The funding the project received will go towards one of the two sessions of the course that will be offered in Spring 2019.

Kathleen Schedler-Clark, Executive Director of Steppingstone Inc., commented that there can be a great impact on many women as a result of this grant. Project EdNA has been supported many times over the years by the Fall River Women’s Union.

When organizations make such announcements, they often can turn to flyer printing to highlight their benefits for specific segments of the community.