Tree program branches out

February 7, 2012 by  

With the coming of spring comes eager anticipation among the hundreds of volunteers associated with the Fall River Street Tree Planting Program.

This time of year, local nurseries undertake catalog printing to document the various types of trees that thrive in Fall River’s ever changing climate. Typical tree varieties include Katsur, Silver, Sugar and Black Maples and Sweet Gum Trees.

Up to 60 trees are year are ordered and planted on the streets of Fall River to perpetuate the urban forest. Volunteers also contribute to public education as to why trees enhance Fall River’s streetscape. New trees are planted annually to replace those that are removed due to construction, redevelopment, age or disease.

Any Fall River citizen is welcome to join by filling in the online application at or by picking up an application at New Boston Bakery or Oak Grove Cemetery office.

Training is available to those who wish to work as Volunteer Tree Stewards, recognized across the United States as having the credentials to help civic and community organizations take care of public trees. Training is received in planting, pruning, tree health assessments and assisting in Arbor Day celebrations in their neighborhoods.

Regular fundraisers are held throughout the year to help the Tree Planting program purchase new trees and to help subsidize administration costs. At present, organizers are seeking volunteers to assist the Boston Ecology Institute conduct a city wide inventory of trees in Spring 2012. Details on joining the inventory crew are on the Fall River Street Tree Planting Program.