Solar power continues to shine

September 1, 2012 by  

A Fall River company has been chosen to continue work on a solar power initiative on public buildings in nearby Williamstown.

Earlier this week, Timothy Kaiser, director of public works for the town, announced that Fall River Electrical Associates presented the lowest of the three bids submitted and was selected to install a photovoltaic roof-top system on a Williamstown building off Main Street in Eastlawn Cemetery. It will be the fourth system of its type to be erected on a public building in the town since 2002. An elementary school, a garage, the library, and a parks building also have the same solar system in use.

Construction on the photovoltaic system installation is weather dependent and was originally delayed due to hurricanes. Now that the town has given the nod to Fall River Electrical, they have been requested to complete the job in a timely fashion. It may be installed within the next two weeks or, if not, before winter.

As the sun begins to rise on solar power in America, print companies in the Fall River area might consider the installation of photovoltaic systems to help run large presses more economically, thereby passing the savings on to the customer while continuing to be a good steward of the environment, not only with paper use but with energy consumption.

Projected to come it at approximately $40,000, the project will be funded by the Green Communities program and Massachusetts’s rebate program for solar initiatives. When completed, the new photovoltaic system will provide more than enough power for the cemetery building. Excess power goes back into the grid and the town gets credit towards its electrical bill.