New line of apparel shows Fall River spirit

March 6, 2012 by  

The Fall River Area Chamber of Commerce has ramped up promotion of the Spindle City by forming a partnership with a local manufacturer to create a line of Fall City clothing.

The chamber has teamed up with Corporate Image Apparel to create T-Shirts, hoodies, casual pants, caps and stainless steel coffee cups branded with the Fall River name. The pants and mugs are not available through the chamber but the other items are. The promotional items will also be offered for sale at the Bristol County Home and Garden Show.

The idea to create and market Fall River branded apparel came from Kimberly Moniz, director of events and marketing for the chamber of commerce. Moniz found that requests were coming in for Fall River apparel, particularly from citizens wanting to send Fall River branded items to family members; however, there was no product. The decision was made to go with clothing specifically after noticing a local bank was marketing clothing branded with their name and logo. Staff members were wearing the clothes. Matching clothing with the logos and other printed products for a company is a concept that has been embraced for many years by employees at print company franchises.

“I just think it’s a great idea,” Moniz said. “Fall River is always talking about city spirit and pride, and what better what to show your pride.”

“It is our goal to have the new ‘Fall River Wear’ line of apparel and items become an authentic line of Fall River souvenirs and gifts,” said Robert Mellion, president and CEO of the Fall Rivera nd Area Chamber of Commerce. “Now area residents can celebrate their esteem for the ‘Spindle City,’ while tourists will be able to have a keepsake by purchasing Fall River Wear apparel and other mementos.”